Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I'm still Sad

I'm devastated at the largest gun massacre in the history by a single shooter at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando. There was a massacre in Port Arthur, Australia in 1996, which prompted the Australian government to ban semi-automatic assault weapons... and it worked. It was the largest single-gun shooting massacre in World history... until Saturday night.

But, today's blog is not about a political issue like gun control.

No, it's more about the lives lost and affected by this senseless tragedy and the killer who did it.
The press is making him out to be a radical Muslim, who had a history of domestic violence and severe homophobia. He found a lot of emotional power in Radical Islam with his problems which he should have been getting mental help for. I know he wasn't considered a "real" Muslim, according to Simone Samba, who said this:
Because MSM has no idea it's Ramadan right now, let me just make it clear - if this man in Orlando was truly a practicing Muslim the very very very last thing he would do during Ramadan is murder. Not to mention Islam forbids violence and taking the life of another. (Y'all were just talking about Ali last week)
This man was a US citizen raised in the US. He is an American homophobic terrorist. This society in America needs to stop passing the buck and own it's diseases.
A lot of my friends get angry when it's brought up that the mental health care system failed him. I'm truly considering going back to school to get my Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy... because I want to help people with the same problems I've had. I want to make that kind of difference.

But all I can think about right now is the 103 families that have been affected. 50 people are dead, 53 are in the hospital. No, they didn't deserve it. Gay clubs exist as a sanctuary where LGBT people are free to treat the person they love like everyone else can in public. I'm P-FLAG, so I'm so weirdly thankful that it didn't happen in Nashville where my relatives could have easily been the victims, although my gay family has been threatened multiple times, one of which was at work in a Cracker Barrell that he was managing. He should be safe at work. But, unfortunately, he's not. I've been to gay night clubs, and they are hella fun, and feel a lot safer to me than regular night clubs... until now. I know that this is pretty upsetting for the LGBT community, and the PRIDE festival in Nashville is happening the weekend of the 25th, the Pulse Night Club shooting's memory will be a huge part of the event. I think the shootings were done intentionally around PRIDE weeks, to scare the LGBT population back into the closet. The shooter's actions are disgusting and reprehensible. No, I don't think the LGBT community deserved this. Nobody does.

So, this means I'm going to PRIDE on the 25th, to make friends, and to show that I'm an ally. I proudly support the LGBT community. And let me warn you, when it comes to gun control, the "sleeping giant" of American activism has been awoken. The Gay Community is quite a force to be reckoned with, and Congress, if they're wise, is going to need to expect a display of gun control from the LGBT-Q, the P-FLAG, and the community of people who support common sense gun laws.

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