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This is the part of my website where I talk about my projects I'm working on that are finished and I am querying. I do have other projects, but they might not work out, so I won't post them just yet. I don't own these images, they are just place holders until I get actual book covers.

If you looked at Drina Hendrix, you'd think she's just your average teenage girl: she's the new girl at Farragut High School, she's on the Dance Team, and she's sort of falling in love with a cute senior in the local garage band. But looks can be deceiving: Drina is part of a secret community of the Magi, human beings with extraordinary magical abilities and the ability to see spirits. The Witenagemot (the Light Magi of the English-speaking countries) is steadily growing more and more corrupt and affecting her Mage education. When she's allowed to study magic outside the Witenagemot's knowledge, she becomes the target of magic attacks by an unknown Mage that her Magi family refers to as "the Rogue Mage." The Witenagemot won't do anything to help. She must rely on her new Magi family for protection... or learn to protect herself.

Genre: YA Paranormal

A/N- I'd love to make this a series, but we'll see!

Genre: YA Paranormal


Novella #2:

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