Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ghostwriting Revealed!

So, the big Ghostwriting Secret Project? It's the Fredia Gibbs Story: Meet the Most Dangerous Woman in the World, and I've worked on it!

See that? It's my name at the bottom! I am so excited about this project, I'm now on Amazon! This is a big day for me, and I really hope you want to read it on ebook when it comes out on June 30th. It's currently available for preorder!

I also got a new trilogy offer to ghostwrite some Regency Romances. I feel like I'm growing as a writer, and it's going to help me towards publishing my own first book and starting a career in writing! This is wonderful news, since I am losing my day job to outsourcing on June 30th. I still have my second job, and I have my ghostwriting and my novels I'm working on.

This has been a scary time, but an exciting one as well. I feel like I'm being pushed to grow and change. It's terrifying, but cool. I really hope this is a transition to a lot of success in my life as a writer, so wish me luck on this endeavor!

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