Thursday, February 25, 2016

Winter by Marissa Meyer review - the Lunar Chronicles

Rating: 5 stars

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Fairy Tales? Yes! Scary, evil queen? Yes! Action! Adventure! Scifi! All yes!

I've read all four books and the little mini-story Fairest that gives more of Levanna's story, so when I got to this book, it made more sense.

My only complaint (that's not even enough to really complain about) is that the book was huge. It got the hard copy edition ASAP when it first came out, and I tried to carry it around at all times. Let me tell you, getting that book out of my computer bag was a pain, so I wasn't able to just pick it up and read it during a break a work. Notice I started it on November 16th and I'm just now finishing ti Feburary 25? Yeah. I thought the audiobook would be better, but it was over 23 hours along. My attention span is not that great, I'll be honest. So, I figured it out: I put the overdrive audiobook player on 1.25x speed, and it went along much faster. Problem solved! See, I told you it wasn't worth taking a star off!

I thought this books was really well-done when it came to the pacing. I squee'd a few times over Thorne, Kai, Wolf, and Jacin, and Iko made me laugh on several occasions! I loved the little fairy tale Easter eggs Meyer wove in and the world she created on Luna that hadn't really been explored before. And I read the acknowledgements in the end of the book, and it made me cry, of course!

All in all, don't miss this book, let alone series. I'm off to buy Stars Above, now!

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