Thursday, January 7, 2021

Cult of Terrorism

I'm reflecting on yesterday's coup attempt and I watched it yesterday as it unfolded on NBC NOW and CNN. Donald Trump made statements encouraging the rally-goers yesterday to overtake Capitol Hill to stop the confirmation of Biden's win in the electoral college. People looted Capitol Hill and terrorized the staff and Congresspeople, scaled the walls, pointed their guns, threatened police and security guards, and raided personal offices.

I'm still having panic attacks from it. I was terrorized.

Donald Trump instigated all of this. You may disagree, but it's time to invoke the 25th Amendment. I knew this was going to happen not because I'm psychic but because I knew enough history to know that we were about to repeat it.

I know the people that voted for him back in 2016 liked what he said. He was charismatic and wasn't anything like the rest of the Presidential contenders the Republican Party were presenting. It was easy to get excited about him. It was easy to start worshipping him and to demonize Democrats or anybody who opposed Trump.

Right now, I am so thankful for my Republican friends/family and our Republican leadership that are denouncing Trump and his cult of terrorist followers today. I know it was scary to speak out because questioning your party's leadership was equal to aligning yourself with the devil in their eyes and like joining Democrats. But you didn't. You're still American. I think you're seeing how important it is to put country over party today after yesterday's wild riot and invasion of Capitol Hill.

The seeds for the storyline to HOME  were planted in 2012 after Obama's reelection. I saw such derision and discord. It scared me back then. Party over country; people saying the party is more important than the country. I started to learn how fragile democracy is and how extremism could destroy it. It flowed out of my fingers onto the keyboard so fast, I had to pace myself to write it down. And no, I didn't feel like I could write what happened to the Maarses and publish it because it would be inflammatory and political-- because the America that monitored the wastelands would be considered too empathetic and too "liberal"-- at least liberal to Americans in 2016. I wasn't sure my readers were ready for that.

I think they are, now. Blind worship and following a leader, blinded to the contempt towards the Constitution that has been displayed. I know there are Republicans who can see this too. And for Democrats and other parties, this needs to be a reminder to ourselves as well, that all parties are susceptible to falling into a cult of personality like what's happened with Donald Trump. We must hold our leaders accountable to the Constitution, even when it's uncomfortable for us, and insist on their removal when they fail to adhere, even if we supported them.

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